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fake reviews aliexpress

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the Amazon review team at Amazon.com, and the reviews got more and more positive. I a sales agency. We are a team of 5 people who love to help people.

WATCH: Dan Loeb says Amazon is trading at a 30% discount Amazon is turning grocery-picking gig workers into Whole Foods employees as delivery demand booms

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fake reviews aliexpress

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    If there is a form of incentive or compensation or close relationship between an individual giving an endorsement and a company receiving it, this should be made explicit. The FTC also considers it illegal to incentivize reviews even if there's no requirement that the review be positive. According to the guides: Your Business Listings May Get Suspended



    Flag it down: If the review seems fishy, you can flag it as inappropriate. Simply log into your Google Business Profile Manager, find the review in question, click on the three dots next to the review, and select "Report review" Terrorist content


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    Other Shipping Addresses High-End Streetwear - Aside from designer items, scammers are also looking for high-end streetwear brands such as highly anticipated collabs, rare sneakers, jackets, etc.



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